Vw tdi tuning box

This site relies on Javascript to provide you the best experience and security. Please enable Javascript for the full experience - some features may not behave as intended without it! Volkswagen is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of TDI engines. Since then, their name and vehicles have become synonymous with the phrase TDI Turbo Diesel Injection and almost all of their models within their range have a diesel option. Every month we have some stunning vehicles come to us. This month we take a look back atand the best tuned cars of the year.

This month we look at the Volkswagen UP! Increasing low-down torque in this family friendly hot-hatch. More power or more economy? Instantly change the performance of your engine and adapt your vehicle to suit any situation.

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vw tdi tuning box

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. RaceChip chip tuning is specially customized to the applicable fuel injection technology with respect to both hardware and software. If your vehicle is specified in the list of applicable models below all other 2. If your vehicle is in this list and you are not sure if it is a CR or PD version, then simply follow one of the following steps to identify CR or PD technology.

For PD models, the engine code consists of 3 characters, while for CR there are 4 characters. If the tips above have not clarified the technology type, then please contact our Customer Service department.

We will be happy to help. You are not just driving your car to get from A to B and long, winding roads make your heart leap? We are glad you found us. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get insights and stories about RaceChip on a regular basis! Subscribe to the RaceChip newsletter to benefit from exclusive offers and be informed of our latest news. VW is the largest German vehicle manufacturer and number two worldwide. Here at RaceChip we have developed the same quality and innovation standards for customized tuning solutions that VW itself places on its vehicles.

The perfect combination for your VW. Hardly any other manufacturer combines such a broad range of models with such a lasting string of success with models like the Polo, Golf and Passat, which have continued to show up at the top of registration statistics for decades. Today, RaceChip offers performance improvement via chip tuning for almost all VW models. Chip tuning from RaceChip takes your VW driving experience to a whole new level that you'll never want to give up.

This is how a vehicle with premium standards in every segment should drive. Engine tuning from RaceChip is the most advanced method of electronic performance improvement for your VW, whether Up! In a few easy steps, you can install our ultra-modern auxiliary device — a type of mini-computer with optimization software designed by RaceChip for your engine that operates between the engine controls and sensors.

RaceChip uses the same technological principles for engine tuning as those used by the developers at VW itself in order to differentiate VW models with various performance levels all on the same engine block. In this way, VW today can use the same 2. Here at RaceChip we ensure that the performance improvement always stays within the thermal and mechanical limits—in other words only within your engine's power reserves.

Here are just a few of many examples:. In the most frequently used VW diesel today, the 2. The 2. However, even after many miles of driving you can unleash a hefty portion of additional driving fun in this used diesel.

With RaceChip you'll have an exhilarating HP and Nm for power and dynamic in your own league. This puts the GTD on a compact sports car level that previously only GTI gasoline engines could offer in this price segment.

With RaceChip S, the Amarok and its 2. You won't have to catch up to anyone with this fast combination. The Passat CC with 2.The chaps at TDI Tuning let us try out their latest tuning box on our 3. We must stress there are tuning boxes and there are tuning boxes. They offer an extensive tuning boost. Don't confuse these with the simpler non microprocessor boxes you buy on popular auction sites.

The ECU controls the essential aspects of the engine, controlling fuel, ignition timing and turbo boost. It takes readings from sensors around the engine that tell it the engine speed, engine temperature, air intake temperature, boost pressure, fuel pressure, the amount of oxygen in the exhaust which indicates a clean or dirty burn and more.

The ECU does a good job at combining all of these data points and making useful decisions to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. However, car ECU's are designed to work across multiple markets with various grades of fuel and different operating conditions so they opt for a safe tune that will work ok and will meet even the most stringent emissions regulations. This suggests that each engine has great untapped potential if the parameters could be set for high quality fuel and tweaked to provide the optimum power delivery.

Review of the TDI-Tuning box

A tuning box sits between the engine sensors and the ECU and takes the readings provided by the sensors and manipulates these before they go to the ECU. It then alters the output commands that would come from the ECU and takes over controlling the various engine components to give more power.

The faster the tuning box can process the data the smoother and better the engine will perform, a modern piggyback ECU or tuning box can do this more quickly and efficiently than a cars standard ECU.

On to the car, and we have our Audi A6 Allroad, a good solid car for tuning. This car is a bit of a challenge to a tuner as it combines traditional analogue sensors with modern digital sensors.

vw tdi tuning box

We chose TDI Tuning after a conversation with their tuning team about the complexities of the A6 engine and what they offer which perfectly matched our requirements. We didn't want to chase a large peak power figure and were looking for more power and torque across the entire rev range.

We should stress that these are 7 separate programsnot just tweaks up and down from a standard program. We were impressed by the professionalism of TDI Tuning who are a manufacturer and seller of state of the art tuning systems who do their own research and development - you can ask for specific maps, for example if you were towing or had other unusual requirements.

The instructions for fitting provided were very comprehensive and easy to follow. Within about 20 minutes we had the tuning box installed and ready to go. The car pulled noticeably better and felt much nicer to drive. The next job was to try out the maximum performance settingwhere everything is turned up to a safe maximum. The car felt totally different, and literally pulled like a train.

The boost seemed to come in a lot sooner and more smoothly and it felt like we were driving on a wave of Torque. We may sound a little crazy here but even at the max the fuel economy still seemed to be slightly better than what we are used to, probably because you needed less throttle to make the same progress.

Obviously if you drive it hard your economy will drop but your miles per gallon will increase! We haven't tried out all of the options yet, there are 7 to choose from and we really like the performance one. For our daily commute we'll opt for program 4 which gives a really good mix of power and economy.

Volkswagen TDI

For holiday drives and long journeys we'll switch it to program 1 and get the benefit of the economy. If you look at the rolling road printout to the right click it to see the full PDF you'll see the improvement to the Torque Curve across the entire rev range which really has to be driven to be appreciated.

We could probably have got a higher peak figure with a custom remap but we certainly wouldn't want to sacrifice a wide power band to hit a pub bragging rights figure and put strain on the turbo and engine to get there. We are very happy with the TDI-Tuning box and can definitely recommend it - it does everything the makers claim acting like a proper piggyback ECU. It can be viewed as a remap by post, so you don't have any of the inconvenience of taking the car in for a remap. Please share this page with your friends on :.

This article was written by me, Waynne Smith TorqueCars founder, and I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. This entry was filed under NewsPress releasesReviews.

You can leave a response below or join our forum to discuss this article and car modification in detail with our members.A digital tuning unit has a microprocessor controlled computer board inside which is programmed with specific parameters for each individual vehicle. There are different types of connections used for different models of vehicle however all kits are fully plug in so no soldering is required.

Adjustable power setting controlled by an Android or Apple App - change from sports mode to eco while you drive. Our Chiptuning box is transferable to your next car. Simply disconnect and reconnect to your next car. Our tuning boxes improve the thermodynamic efficiency of the engine and help your vehicle to use the hidden power reserves efficiently. All TMC tuning kits are supplied with full installation instructions.

Some kits require connection to the vehicle battery for power and others are powered from the sensors on the engine. Fitting time can be from five minutes to forty five minutes depending on the vehicle. We are also available for technical help even after normal working hours. We supply to many main dealers, garages and tuning shops Worldwide so we may be able to recommend an installer local to you.

Please contact us for details. There are two main methods of tuning modern diesel and gasoline enginesone is by chip tuning or re-mappingthis involves using a special interface to read out the program from the cars computer or ECU and then writing in a new program to increase performance. Quite simply the analogue unit has no electronics inside and no microprocessor, its generally made of resistors inside a plastic box with a screw to increase or decrease fuellingthese are very cheap to make and are usually found on well known auction sites, the risk with these units is that they have no set program to deliver the increased fuel or turbo pressure at specific pointsinstead they just increase fuelling or turbo pressure continuously even at idle which can cause the engine to run erratically and over time will likely cause damage and usually create a lot of smoke from the exhaust and possibly damage the turbo.

This is a real danger on the newest vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters on the exhaust because if the filter becomes blocked and cannot be regenerated you will have to replace it at great cost. The analogue units generally will not work on a large number of modern cars due to the latest intelligent computers running the engine which can detect them and will cause the engine warning lamp to come on and the engine to go into safe mode greatly reduced power and limited revs.

A digital tuning unit has a microprocessor controlled computer board inside which is programmed with specific parameters for each individual vehicle to obtain the maximum performance without reaching the safety cut off limits set by the manufacturer, each unit is set up on a dynamometer so the results can be accurately measuredthe digital unit will also not function until the accelerator pedal is pressed beyond a certain point at which you are demanding extra powerthis means that no extra fuel is being added at idle and the extra fuel being injected is reduced again when the engine approaches maximum revs to avoid damageput simply the digital unit is carefully designed using the latest technology to achieve the maximum performance safely from each individual make and model of vehicle, also the parameters in the digital tuning kit are hard programmed into the control chip so they can never alter over time or temperature.

Multi Channel Technolgy is used on almost all of our tuning kits, the advantages to this technology are huge, we have the ability to control not just the amount of fuel being injected into the engine but simultaneously the turbo pressure can also be altered to make the air fuel mixture correct. We can also use input signals from the engines camshaft sensor to read the engine RPM and make Live Tuning as you drive instead of a fixed map which can have too much increase at low revs and can put additonal strain on the engine and gearbox.

Our units also have the abilty to read engine temperature so the tuning can be delayed until the engine reaches a safe running temperature before power is increased.

This technology is much more complex than single channel tuning kits made by most other companies and costs significantly more to produce but the benefits both in quality and performance make the extra cost worthwhile. We also use 32 and 64 bit microprocessors for the fastest processing speeds.

All performance figures quoted on this website are given as an approximate guideline and will vary from car to car, figures can also be influenced by outside factors such as temperature, air quality, quality of fuel and accuracy of the dyno the vehicle is being tested on as well as maintainance of the vehicle.

On fuelling : the units are sold mainly for their performance increase however almost all customers who have fitted one have noticed that if driving sensibly M.

This also means that you are not having to rev the engine hard to get performance which reduces stress on the engine and again reduces fuel consumption. There are many good tuning kits available from various companiesbut also many very bad ones which may cause serious damage to your engine leaving you out of pocket for hundreds or even thousands of pounds! With our multi-channel kits we also increase turbo pressure adding more air with the additional fuel, this will stop the DPF from becomming blocked and the car will also have more power than one tuned simply by adding fuel.

Some of our units can also be adjusted to to nine different power settings by the customer depending on the level of power required. Our units are also safe to run on all vehicles fitted with diesel particulate filters.

We offer excellent customer service and offer installation at our approved workshops or help for anyone wishing to self fit. Our units are specifically designed to run within the manufacturers safety limits and tolerancesthe extra performance runs within the tolerance of the engine and gearbox. The service intervals of the vehicle will not change however it is important that they be done on time and using original manufacturers partsit is also very important to regularly check the engine oil level and top up if necessary with the correct oil as most modern diesel engines are designed to use some oil to increase the lifespan of the engine.

It is also important to remove the unit before visiting your dealer as many car manufacturers will have issue with any performance upgrades. We offer additional engine warranty for those who wish to have added cover for mechanical parts, this is purchased as an additional item. Generally notmost can be fitted by one of our trained technicians in less than 20 minuteshowever some require items like intercooler to be lifted off the top of the engine to get the connectors on to the injectors underneaththis is not a job we would recommend to someone with no mechanical experiencemost kits though are very simple to fitwe can give you advice depending on your particular car.

The important thing is to make sure the unit is not fitted close to any high sources of heat and that all cables are safely tied to avoid getting caught in moving engine parts.If you want to keep the economy but add some zip to your TDIwe can help you choose the right upgrades for your car.

Options include adding a cold air intake kit, a TDI performance chip or power module, injectors or nozzles, upgrading the exhaust or turbo, or making one of many other TDI performance parts your own. Parleys Diesel Performance offers the TDI Performance mods you need to get even better diesel fuel mileageand to awaken the power of the sleeping beast in your TDI engine. We offer TDI upgrades from some of the best brands in the business. Not sure what kind of TDI performance parts you need?

Even if you have already made some changes we want you to know what the next best step is to increase your TDI performance. VW TDI power mdules are quite popular for a number of reasons, the biggest one of all being the simplicity of installation. Most TDI performance tuners work the same but they increase TDI performance by doing anything from a simple passive electrical circuit to more complex microprocessor controlled devices.

The TDI power modules we sell intercept the signals that go between your ECU and the engine, altering the values as they are transmitted. TDI performance tuning boxes, regardless of exactly how they work, increase your horsepower by safely increasing the amount of fuel delivered at full load; many of them also make changes to the injection timing and duration.

Your fuel injector is the part of your engine that actually injects the diesel fuel into the engine. The tip of the injector is called a nozzle. The nozzle sprays a mist of diesel fuel into the cylinder at which point the fuel combusts. How much power?

Jetta TDI RaceChip One install with before and after 0-60!!

TDI performance injector nozzles are a very popular upgrade for 1. In order for combustion to take place in a diesel engine, air is forced into the cylinder and it is actually the heat of the air that ignites the diesel fuel. They give you more cold air, and cold air takes up less space than hot air. The more cold air you can get into the cylinder the better because that makes for a more efficient combustion event, translating to more power to the pavement, and the greater the overall increase in TDI performance.

Why make changes to your TDI exhaust system? The main goal with upgrading your exhaust is the reduction of back pressure. This allows the engine to flow more air and improve turbo response, both of which enhance your TDI performance and extend your engine life due to less heat.

The Aero muffler even flows better than a straight-piped exhaust, in effect sucking the exhaust away from the engine. The benefits include increased horsepower, extended engine life and improved fuel mileage.

Just make sure that the Aero Muffler you order will fit your particular TDI Exhaust system, and understand that sometimes some extra fabrication is necessary. Toggle navigation. Login Order Tracking. Fuel Injection. Stack Kits. Water Methanol Injection. Engine Parts.

Shop by Diesel. Select Make. Select Model. Subscribe and Save.User Name Remember Me? Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone here has a tuning box installed on their vehicle. I recently found this company in the UK selling these so called tuning box and it claims a considerable amount of gains in horsepower, torque and fuel economy. Is it worth it? Anyone has experience with this particular box? It appeals to me because it is plug and play, it can always ben unplugged without leaving any trace.

Just wanna see if anyone here got this box, or other similar device plugged into the car. Find More Posts by Macradiators. I think the take away is that you will get more power, but don't take the gains they claim as gospel. Also and the Euro TDI engines have some in common with the north american market, they are close enough for them to work.

TDI s : '10 Golf bought back. OP, you'll have to ask yourself if the tuning box is worth it, only you can answer that. For me, I am not a fan of a third party computer modifying signals for the main computer designed to control such a complex machine. There are many different maps that the ECU will run based on certain conditions, and many components that the ECU is monitoring and trying to protect.

If it's worth trusting a device to fool such a computer, go for it. We're up to times this has been asked!

Go for a proper tune, you'll be glad you did. Find More Posts by BleachedBora.

Tuning Boxes for Volkswagen Tiguan Engines | ECU Remapping Chip

I wouldnt say its worth it in my opinion. Originally Posted by BleachedBora. Last edited by Ol'Rattler; February 22nd, at You'll be happy.

If your worried about switching back to stock, you could get a flashzilla and switch back and forth to your stock tune as much as you want. Originally Posted by travis Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is Welcome to Kermatdi! KermaTDI is the combined effort of a group of really bright and enthusiastic people who are passionate about the turbo diesel market. Headquartered in Colorado, we first made our name by introducing nozzle upgrades to the diesel world in more than a decade ago and focused our resources on Turbo Diesel Innovation.

By so doing, we started an entirely new automotive performance niche. The existence of more powerful fuel injectors drives the need for supporting components, such as turbos, camshafts, and clutch upgrades, and of course ECU tuning to tie it all together.

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vw tdi tuning box

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vw tdi tuning box


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